The practice of Dana, Generosity

In the giving we receive... 
in the receiving we give...

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Dear Friends,

Dharma Gaia enjoys the simplicity of practicing within the ancient Buddhist context of giving and receiving freely. The traditional term is Dana which means generosity. The practice of generosity i manifests in a heart of freedom and  when we look deeply we know that the door of generosity swings both ways. We are not separate from those we support, we are not separate from those who contribute to our life of service.

When we deeply recognise and understand interbeing, we see we are not able to live without the support of others. The practice of giving helps us to cultivate the insight into interbeing, humility and gratitude.


If you are in a position to offer  a monetary contribution to support Dharma Gaia we deeply appreciate  your support. We are contained within a Charitable Trust which is able to offer receipts for tax purposes.   can be made  online  by 'e banking' or personally depositing at any Westpac Branch into the following account:


BANK: Westpac Trust


OUR ACCOUNT NUMBER; 03 0458 0238459 00

If you are banking via an overseas account you need this
SWIFT CODE:  WPACNZ2W.  (There is no IBAN required.)

If you would like  a donation receipt for tax purposes, please contact our office after making your donation and give us your details. 


with gratitude,

The Dharma Gaia Guardians