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The opportunity exists to enter a longer period on the Mindfulness-Based Volunteer Programme, either as our Maintenance Guardian or as our Garden (Food Production) Guardian. This is a wonderful way to deepen mindful living and engage more fully with community life and the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha), as well as contributing our skills and energy in a deeply fulfilling way - living a life of loving service.

We start with a one to three month commitment - this is a time for the volunteer and the centre to get to know one another and to see whether a longer term arrangement will be a happy next step for both. During this time, the volunteer can begin to learn about the Guardianship role and responsibilities, as well as having time to experience retreats and the rhythm of daily, mindful living alongside the other residents and the wider community.

After this period, if there is harmony in the Sangha and the volunteer would like to become a long-term resident, we discuss staying for a further six months. It is our hope that our garden, land and buildings will continue to be well cared for into the future by Guardians who hold a great love for the teachings and practices of mindfulness.

Please contact us for more information.