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My Endless Love - Loss and Grief and the Balm of Wisdom and Compassion

'Grief turns out to be a place that none of us know .... until we reach it'  Joan Didion from 'the Year of Magical Thinking"

My husband has died

My brother committed suicide

My partner has left after 20 years of marriage

I have miscarried

These and many other great losses are not uncommon sharings at Dharma Gaia. They are not uncommon experiences in any community. They are the quakes that shatter inner worlds and leave behind what can feel for some an unbearable future.

Despite all our efforts to make it otherwise, the harsh truth remains - everything changes. When the great grief of loss hits us everything changes all at once ... and forever. How do we cope ... How do we go on?

 My Endless Love is a retreat that allows and embraces the pain, the shadowy questions  and the waves of feelings  ... to be anointed with the balm of  wisdom, understanding and compassion. As Ram Dass put it so profoundly

' It is only in that dark night of the soul that we learn to see as God sees, and to love as God loves.'

The balm is understanding … not through the intellect but through the heart.

The balm is in allowing space for our grief and at the same time being together in a community that is intimate with loss and doesn't shy away

The balm is to let the wound be open in a healing way that doesn't overwhelm and exhaust us and yet allows our loved one their rightful place - alive in our hearts.

The balm is to allow and enable the glimmering light of joy, peace, and wellbeing to  weave its way into the weft of our grief

The balm is in awakening to wisdom… to open to  the endless love

This retreat is not about 'getting over' loss, It is not about 'pulling oneself together' and  it has no cliche 'answers'.  It is a stepping into courage ... where it seems there is no courage,  joy where there seems only darkness and sanity when it seems that insanity has taken over. It is to connect us to that lifeline of self-compassion and the holy embrace into Presence. 

Places on this retreat are limited to a maximum of 16 people. This 3 day Retreat is for people dealing with loss and grief. If you are facing great loss right now please take a moment and consider if this retreat might be appropriate and that the timing is right for you. To receive further information or to request a place please email :  In the subject line please write: My Endless Love Retreat  Attention Sister Shalom.  

Cost:  Accommodation and Food - Sliding scale $220 - $260 

OUR ACCOUNT NAME: Dharma Gaia    BANK: Westpac Trust   OUR BRANCH: Thames

OUR ACCOUNT NUMBER; 03 0458 0238459 00

plus Dana/Koha for the teacher :  Which can be offered by internet banking  or at the retreat- please reference as Dana and if you  would like a tax receipt please request this via email.

Later Event: July 19