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Realise the great spaciousness in which everything unfolds

Be the stillness behind the conditioned experience


To allow the unconditioned to reveal does not take effort … in fact effort is the antithesis of what is needed .. What is needed is restful non-effort.

The focus for this retreat is to support the deepening of the experience of ‘Being Fully Present’… being the spaciousness behind all experience, of resting into wide vision. Whether we have beliefs based in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Atheism, Mysticism … or any other belief system, behind all that there is the unconditioned.

For this retreat:

Silence, stillness and restful contemplation is encouraged but not rigid Attendees to this retreat will be expected to support the ambience of a tranquil contemplative environment so that each person has optimum conditions for their own explorations.

Twice daily ‘Being Together’ sessions with Sister Shalom will be contemplative rather than formal teaching sessions. Responses and encouragements to support exploration will happen as they arise from our inquiry and experience together.

Sitting, walking, eating, movement and light work meditation sessions will be offered and will be in silence to enable deeper exploration and what Sister refers to as ‘real-eyesing’.

This retreat is not a place for philosophical or dogma discussion but simply  provides a restful and beautiful nature environment and enquiry support to enhance and nourish our exploration.

Places on this retreat are limited to a maximum of 14 people. This is a 3 day Retreat. Attendees will need to be comfortable with autonomy within the retreat ambience and to generally self regulate their own exploration, and their own needs for rest and practice.

Formal practice sessions are offered to support deepening into experience however the only two sessions you are required to attend are the opening session with Sister Shalom on Thursday evening and the closing session on Sunday at 11am. Attending the other sessions is optional although to maintain a quality practice environment participants are expected to be present for the whole of the retreat time from 3pm Thursday to 2pm Sunday.

To receive further information or to request a place please email :  In the subject line please write: ’PRESENCE RETREAT  Attention Sister Shalom.  

Cost:  Accommodation and Food - Sliding scale $240 - $300   plus Dana/Koha for the teacher.