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Laying Down the Bow and Arrow - Experiencing Discomfort without the Stress

Thích Nhất Hạnh has said,

“The unwelcome things that sometimes happen in life—being rejected, losing a valuable object, failing a test, getting injured in an accident—are analogous to the first arrow. They cause some pain. The second arrow, fired by our own selves, is our reaction, our storyline, and our anxiety. All these things magnify the suffering. Many times, the ultimate disaster we’re ruminating upon hasn’t even happened.”

In this weekend retreat, we will learn ways to release the second arrow and to be with life as it is, rather than our idea of how it should be.  Guided meditations, deep relaxation and dharma talks will support us to notice habitual reactions and release anxiety. Walking meditation, eating in silence and  time in nature will support us to recognise that we already have more than enough conditions to be happy.