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Presence is the Essence - To be a Buddha - to be Awake

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The jewel at the heart of our practice is to be present.   Presence brings peace  and enables more clarity and wisdom to shine through , our everyday lives are no longer mundane, we know how to touch the richness and preciousness of each and every moment.

Our theme:  I nourish the Buddha and the Boddhisatva in me.

 What does it mean for us to be buddho …. to be awake?

How do we … bring the Buddha into the 21st century and practice in the way of awakened Being

Thich Nhat Hanh has often said …’ One Buddha is not enough’   He has also called upon us  to be the  next Buddha  the Buddha of Love.   That the next Buddha will come not as  an  individual  but  as a community.’  Being a Buddha is a joy not a chore. We know our world needs us to practice.  To be stable and  peaceful in ourselves and to bring that stability, peace and our collective insight into our  relationships  with ourselves,  with each other, our planet.

Note: This is the final week of the 21 day Winter Retreat. It is possible to attend this week if you have already attended week one or week two. For more details on the 21 day retreat please refer to retreat listing ‘THE 21 DAY WINTER RETREAT’

To register for the full 21 days or for this and one of the earlier weeks, please email with the sublect line ‘21 DAY RETREAT 2019’

PAYMENT DETAILS: RETREAT COST: plus (dana support for the Teachings - see below Retreat cost)

Full 21 Day Retreat $900 - $750, (Sliding scale)

For two weeks only $650 - $550 ( please ensure you state in your registration if you wish to attend weeks 1 and 2 OR weeks 2 and 3 OR weeks 1 and 3)

Account number 03 0458 0238459 000

Please make two separate payments (with reference) for the retreat cost and for Dana/gratitude for the teaching . 

Our teachers devote much of their time to study and practice. They give teachings and support without receiving payment or wages. The teachers trust in the generosity of the participants to offer a contribution (Dana) in accordance with their means and desire to support the teachers.