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An Appointment with Myself - An Appointment with Life

A retreat of Peaceful abiding.

Resting in Beauty Resting in Nature

Stopping … listening …remembering

In touch with Our Life underneath our life situation


Most of us live in forgetfulness, we are busy - too busy.  We work, we take care of our families, we socialise, plan, build, save, create, and if we remember we exercise and allow ourselves time ‘off’ weekends and holidays. Generally, our lives are lived fast and full and yet missing what is most essential ….  our presence. When we truly know how to live in awareness we carry that energy of presence into every aspect of life. We are rich and can live clearly - every aspect of life is an appointment with ourselves.

This retreat is a simple and direct invitation to you to stop.  

To simply stop and come home to yourself.  

To rediscover the power of living from presence, grounded in essential being. 

Whoever we are...whatever our circumstances, ..the potential for freedom is right here and available to each of us.  To step truly on the path of liberation we leave nothing of ourselves behind. Liberation is to wake is to live fully present so that we do not lose our lives in dispersion, in regrets about the past or grasping  for the future. We live our lives right here and right now. Awareness, once rooted in our being, provides us with the vehicle to cut through suffering and illusion, to touch peace and clarity and to gain the deepest insight into  ourselves and into the nature of reality.

Sister Shalom has made the Art of Living in Presence the absolute focus of her own life and teaching over many years. Our retreat together will have periods of guided practice, enquiry, resting in nature, silence and meditation.  

The retreat will also be supported by Dharma Teacher Anton Bank and the residential community of Dharma Gaia.

Retreat Cost:  

Accommodation and Food  $300 - 240 (Sliding Scale pay according to your means) To secure a place on the retreat please make your payment to Account number 03-0458-0013241-000  with reference ‘An apt with self’ Retreat’. AND please also email us to confirm your payment has been made - - Subject line please write: ” An Appointment with Myself Retreat’ 

For the Teachings: Please offer Dana/gratitude for the teachings. In accordance with Buddhist practice of Dana (generosity) the teacher does not ask for a set fee but relies on the participant to offer according to their means and desire to offer gratitude and support. This payment should be referenced ”Teacher DANA” and can be paid into this account 03 0458 0238459 000 . or can be offered at the retreat. The Dana/donation for teachers is also eligible for a tax deduction receipt.